Autocuidado en América Latina





El Valor Económico del
Autocuidado de la Salud


Chile: how health systems in Latin America can sustainably benefit from self-care as a public policy

For the Self-care Day in Chile articles were published in seven newspapers,... read more

Colombia: ANDI created the campaign “#YoMeCuido”

ANDI created the campaign “YoMeCuido” with different materials that were distributed... read more

Central America: spoken about responsible self-care to the newspapers La Estrella de Panamá

For the Self-Care Day in Central America, FEDEFARMA in conjunction with... read more

Brazil: Self-care in times of Covid-19

For the Day of Self-Care ABIMIP with support from ILAR encouraged... read more

México: Self-care as an element of Public Health Policies and the framework of a new reality.

For the World Self-Care Day AFAMELA with the support of ILAR,... read more

Perú: ALAFARPE promote the webinar World Self-Care Day

July 24th, ALAFARPE promote the webinar World Self-Care Day. The event... read more

Interviews and Events

Thompson, Executive Director, ILAR participated in webinars and interviews dealing with... read more

ILAR participated in the Health Forum and 26th Pharmaceutical Forum of the ANDI, Colombia, held in Cartagena.

This Forum is the space that summons all health actors around... read more

Brazil establishes automatic conciliation of drug registration that has been authorized by the health authorities of other countries

The bill of law 3847/2019 created by Congress General Paternell (PSL)... read more

Proposal for the use of the Braille System in packaging of food products and medicines

The law project 63-2018 created by Maria del Rosario Guerra (Democratic... read more

Health Commission Advisors will discuss Advertising Regulations for Over-The-Counter Medicines in Argentina

The advisers of the Commission of Systems, Media and Freedom of... read more

COFEPRIS announces the revocation of advertising criteria and guidelines

In accordance with article 4 of the Federal Law of Administrative... read more

Medicines II Bill

Currently, a set of amendments to the Health Code known as... read more

ANVISA opens public consultation to update the list of over-the-counter medications

On September, ANVISA published in the Journal of the Union... read more

ILAR OTC Group Event – CDMX 2019

On July 24th and 25th, ILAR's OTC Group Meeting took place... read more

ILAR in Washington DC at the 57th Meeting of the Directing Council of the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO)

ILAR’s Director General Juan Thompson attended the 57th meeting of the... read more

Estudio Revela El Impacto Social Y Económico De Promover El Autocuidado De La Salud En Latinoamérica

La Asociación Regional de Medicamentos de Venta Libre en Latinoamérica,... read more

ILAR presente en el evento de la Asociación Mexicana de Medicamentos de Libre Acesso (AFAMELA)

El Director General de ILAR, Juan Thompson, participó el pasado 17... read more

Participación de ILAR en la III Conferencia Latinoamericana de Nicholas Hall sobre OTCs

Los dias 8 y 9 de Noviembre, el Director General de... read more

Reunión del Grupo OTC de ILAR en Washington DC

Los dias 4 y 5 de diciembre 2017, ILAR celebró la... read more

Juan Carlos Thompson, nuevo Director General de la ILAR a partir del 1 de agosto de 2017

La Asociación Latinoamericana de Medicamentos sin Prescripción (ILAR) anunció el nombramiento... read more



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