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Colombia: ANDI created the campaign “#YoMeCuido”

ANDI created the campaign “YoMeCuido” with different materials that were distributed by social medial and press, aligned with the key messages of ILAR’s toolkit. A T.V. commercial “Autocuidadotu major aliado” was also developed and launched. For the self-care day ANDI in conjunction with the Ministry of Health and the Javeriana University published a press release on self-care. To read the press release visit here:

Central America: spoken about responsible self-care to the newspapers La Estrella de Panamá

For the Self-Care Day in Central America, FEDEFARMA in conjunction with ILAR have participated in different interviews and opinion articles. Also press releases and infographics were shared with the media. More than 9 million people had been potentially impacted by the project in the region. The Executives Directors of ILAR and FEDEFARMA, Juan Thompson and Victoria Brenes spoke about responsible self-care to the newspapers La Estrella de Panamá, El Panamá América and La Prensa. In addition, they talked about Responsible Self-Care as a public health policy in Guatemala on Chapin TV and Diario Extra in Costa Rica.

Brazil: Self-care in times of Covid-19

For the Day of Self-Care ABIMIP with support from ILAR encouraged the publication of a study on self-care in Veja magazine, the study addressed Self-care in times of Covid-19. In addition, a Veja Saúde Live was held with Marcio Atala, in which the physical educator and lecturer, talked with journalist Diogo Sponchiato about the importance of self-care 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Also on 7/24, ABIMIP participated in the Workshop Retail Farma, where a selling story was presented - the result of a partnership between ABIMIP and ILAR - about how the consumer experience can be more effective on their journey to buy  MIPs in pharmaceutical retail,   A video was also posted with Dr. Dráuzio Varella on the pillars of self-care, a recognized doctor in the country.   To access the study of Veja Saúde on Self-Care during the Pandemic of the COVID-19 click here:

México: Self-care as an element of Public Health Policies and the framework of a new reality.

For the World Self-Care Day AFAMELA with the support of ILAR, organized a press conference to talk about the importance of the culture of self-care for health in Mexico. In addition, Ricardo Ramírez executive director of AFAMELA, participated in a press conference with Darío Celis on self-care. Access here:  

Perú: ALAFARPE promote the webinar World Self-Care Day

July 24th, ALAFARPE promote the webinar World Self-Care Day. The event had the participation of Ángela Flores Director General of ALAFARPE, who spoke about the importance of self-care; Juan Thompson, Director General of ILAR, who spoke about universal health coverage as a priority at this time for countries in Latin America; And Dr. José Recoba, pediatric specialist, who explained the differences between self-care and self-prescribing. ALAFARPE also developed and posted infographics on its social networks that were based on the toolkit developed by ILAR for the self-care Day communication campaign. To access the World Self-Care Day webinar full recording, click here:

Self-Care video

Defined by the World Health Organization in 1983, self-care is based on important pillars: between physical exercise, healthy nutrition, awareness of physical and mental health and the use of prescription drugs, always responsibly. Check out a little more about Self-Care in Latin America, and how it can help us achieve Universal Health in a sustainable way!

Interviews and Events

Thompson, Executive Director, ILAR participated in webinars and interviews dealing with the importance of self-care in a series of events taking place in Central America.   In Panama, Juan spoke about responsible self-care to the newspapers La Estrella de Panamá, El Panamá América and La Prensa, on July 20, 21 and 22, respectively. In addition, he talked about Responsible Self-Care as a public health policy in Guatemala on Chapin TV and Diario Extra in Costa Rica. Only these interviews reached more than 3 million people.    ILAR also participated as a guest of the ALAFARPE’s, Peru, webinar for World Self-Care Day and during his presentation spoke about the importance of self-care for a sustainable health system.  Other upcoming events  ILAR will also participate as a guest in two sessions of the series of webinars promoted by the faculty of Chemistry at UNAM and AMIIF Mexico, on August 19th and September 2nd, talking about the “Value of OTC drugs in the Health System” and about a “Public Health Self-Care Policy”. 

Dia Mundial do Autocuidado: conheça os 7 pilares para uma vida saudável

Self-Care Day is a date to remember that self-care focuses on knowing one's body and health condition. It covers the physical, the psychological and includes both prevention and treatment. Being aware of your own role is important and benefits society.  Watch the video of Agencia EFE with Juan Carlos Thompson, ILAR CEO, and learn more about this important concept.

Results of the digital campaign

During the months of June and July ILAR worked with a campaign that demonstrated the importance of self-care in different spheres of daily life and how it can positively affect society as a whole. The communication campaign, which involved traditional and digital media, had a high positive impact and results. By adding the online audience, more than 30 million people were potentially impacted by the campaign. This includes 62 mentions, of which 38 were online, 3 on television, 17 social media, three Newspaper / magazine and one by radio. In this context, the objectives of the communication campaign were:
  • To increase knowledge about how to improve citizens' health through self-care.
  • To present the concept of responsible use of non-prescription drugs to manage self-care about one's own health, optimizing resources of the public health systems.
  • Share studies on the topic, with real value for society and health systems.
  • Position ILAR as a reference in the self-care territory, providing visibility, engagement and knowledge about the cause.
  • Generate relationships with other partner entities for the cause of self-care in the region and in the world.